enrique moya-angeler
is a multidisciplinary firm integrated in 4 areas:

1. Architecture
Our architecture department is a dynamic bureau with an international portfolio and has been successfully designing and building projects in Spain and abroad. We offers a wide range of services, including architecture, urbanism and design, for projects related to residential developments, singular buildings, public and private facilities, infrastructure.

2. Research and Events
This section is a compliation of creative follies created under a process of automatic production. It works as an open space that solve the problem of the incontinence productive of the firm.

3. Street Art Gallery
Street Art Gallery, SAG, is specialized in street art. We represent young talented street artists. Featured artists include François Trimer et Andrea Pol, Miguel Linares, Tobias Kaliot, Yunishiro Taki and Genaro Sevech. SAG was founded as a platform for emerging street artists all over the world. SAG is a member of the International Street Art Association.

4. Consulting
We conduct Consulting processes which enable our clients to maximise the returns associated with each project. We carry out each project with multidisciplinary teams comprising professionals who are highly qualified in the technical, financial and real estate fields.