Europan 8, Housing
Location: Córdoba, Spain.
Program: Urban Species
Client: Córdoba City
Size: 100.000 m2
Status: Competition, Runner-up.
Authors: Enrique Moya-Angeler, Pilar Echezarreta
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Archigraphy: [Potential Architecture, Advanced Studio by Enrique Walker in the GSAPP Columbia University. 2004] + [ Pet Architecture Guide Book Vol 2. Atelier Bow-Wow. World Photo Press, Tokio. 2002] + [Röyksopp, Remind Me, 2002.]

"Acknowledged as a critical tool in a wide range of production ranging from literature to film, self-imposed constraints still remain somehow alien to architecture, perhaps owing to the fact that architectural production is by and large subjected to a regime of external constraints. The practice of voluntary constraints entails an uncompromising decision – a radical renunciation – which, if properly calibrated, might release otherwise unforeseen potentiality. Such was arguably the aim with Andrzejewski’s decision to write a novel in one sentence, Perec’s decision to write a novel without the use of a certain letter, Benabou’s decision to write a book by giving his account of the impossibility to write one, Kubrick’s decision to light a candlelight scene only with candles, Akerman’s decision to make a film by shadowing a character, and Buñuel’s decision to make a film by always following a different character." Enrique Walker
We took the decision to use an obstacle as the starting-point for the project. However, the use of self imposed constraints, voluntary and therefore arbitrary restrictions, is a critical tool for architectonic production. Contrary to the generative process, this project is about a production of new architecture prototypes. We initiated the project with one very clear idea: the use of a unique point of view: an isometric. No plans or sections. No renders. No models. Then we added another constraints we use only one color. So the study and project area in the district of Fray-Albino-Sur is represented in a monochromatic one three dimensional view. Meanwhile, we present an urban species system of eleven new inhabitation styles for the city of Cordoba. There are eleven urban species as a start point. Then, social and cultural mutations will permute the species in sub-species. In total, there are four hundred dwellings for the ten hectares present in this architectonic monochromatic subjectivity.